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Hello dear ones,

If you are on this page, you may be curious about my creative writing workshops: Here is the current palette. Writing yourself Alive & Breath, Heart, Story are so far the most regular offerings.

Embodied+Creative+Flow: Yoga, Meditation & Writing on your mat: Awaken your energetic body on the first Spring day with this creative flow of journaling, meditation and gentle yoga poses. This workshop is a generous and invigorating time for yourself, and an opportunity to gather and share joy with fellow creatives.


Words (&) Matter: Intercultural Writing Practices for Visual Artists (and other nonwriters in the room!)

As a visual artist, you have probably heard this advice many times already: creative writing will deepen and enrich your studio practice; a well-crafted artist statement will make a difference in the art world. If this is true, then, why do so many artists not particularly engage in and even enjoy the art of writing?

In this workshop, we will practice a number of techniques and skill-building writing exercises aimed at rekindling artists' love for creative writing, and their trust in the process and use of writing in their practice. These tested writing practices (I have taught them for years!) focus on the contact zone - the "Inter" of the Intercultural in the title - between the artist's self, the tools, processes, and materials of their craft, and the artwork's life in the world ( its legibility, meaning, audience’s resistance to it).we will look at great examples of intercultural poetry, and snippets of some of my favorite artist statements of all times. We will also look at examples of writing that missed the intercultural potential of the artwork.

Finally, we will draft an effective artist statement in 20 minutes, by using writing to tune into this dynamic "intercultural space", where the artist’s inner world grazes at - at times clashes against - the external world with its social codes, unwritten cultural norms, limitations ready to be challenged and decoded.

Writing Yourself Alive: Writing & Meditation in Nature

Meditation is poetry felt in the body.

In Writing Yourself Alive we will be in conversation with the nature surrounding us by practicing walking meditation, generative writing exercises, collaborative prompts and even tree-hugging (optional but highly recommended!), that will leave us refreshed and ready for a new week.

The creative practices will be our gateways to explore our emotions and experiences with curiosity, compassion, and a sense of humor, within ourselves and with others, on the page and in the rich soil warmed by the summer sun.


Found in Translation: Creative Writing across Differences.

What do the practices of creative writing and translation share in common?

In this new workshop, we will find out! Each workshop, Marika invites participants to tune into the spirit of a translator of cultures and languages to generate writing that not only reflects on but also trans-forms our many experiences of personal change, the dynamic dance between our inner worlds (and words!) and the outer world.

We will read poetry and short stories by contemporary writers who straddle more than one language, culture, and geography. Inspired by their writing and the experiences and questions these works manifest, we will generate new material in whichever form and language we are drawn to: poetry, journaling, story, a dialogue, a letter, a combination of all the above, a thing that has no name : )

From the original meaning of Trans = “across”, we will discuss the challenges and joys in any movement across identities, places, histories, languages, and cultures.

The next Found in Translation is October 24 & 31 at Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Click on the class title for details

Check out the video of the poetry readings by the students (and teacher!) of Found in Translation recorded in July 2020!

Breath, Heart, Story: the Path of Intimacy through Meditation and Writing (co-led with Wilhelm Englebrecht)

What can the creative practices of writing and meditation teach us about intimacy? And how are they connected? How do we gain Intimacy with ourselves and others, with all our experiences and emotions, with our impulses and needs, our innate desire for connection?

Breath, Heart, Story is a skill-development program: we brainstorm and practice together with a set of skills and tools for creative writing and meditation, both of which can easily apply into our everyday life - to feel and respond to life from a place of intimacy with ourself and others.

We will weave together these practices of creative expression: meditation, generative writing prompts, poetry reading, and collaborative exercises - as vehicles to explore all emotions and experiences as honorable and to hold them with curiosity, compassion, and a sense of humor.

Each workshop is designed around an aspect of intimacy - generosity, resilience, love, gratitude, vulnerability, compassion, humor, the senses, the body. We will investigate these aspects on the cushion, the blank page, in our body and heart, and with each other. Inspired by this path of intimacy, we will devote some time to generate original writing.

Breath, Heart, Story: Meditation & Writing


July 28, 2019, 10-12:30pm

The Makery

2 Sewall Avenue

Brookline, MA 02446


Embodied + Creative + Flow

Yoga Workshop

This workshop is a generous and invigorating time for yourself, and an opportunity to gather and share joy with fellow creatives.

Marika is an educator at MassArt, a published poet, yoga and meditation instructor and a cross-cultural translator.


Upcoming Date:

June 29

The Makery

2 Sewall Avenue

Brookline, MA 02446


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