Welcome to Fears – I timori siano benvenuti

I fear the aesthetics of difference 

Without the substance of others 

I fear infinite possibilities 

Leaving no room for responsibility 


I fear the volatile laughs, 

 The blurred movements 

I fear the impatience of our bodies 

the vice of our conscience, 


I fear the freedoms sold out at the market of media regimes,

Freedoms given out for free,

All but one, the one we really need.


I fear the hazardous perspectives 

The frail rebelliousness of temporary tattoos

Risks taken without a real sense of loss

Leaving no doubt to dare, no dare to doubt.


I fear globalisation without ethics

The ‘Yeses’ for the ‘why nots?’ and the uncompromising ‘no(s)

I fear passion without anger, the ideals as convenient back ups

Like prescription glasses on sane eyes


I fear those who fail their happiness

And those who do not grab it passing by


I fear those who are in love and out of respect

Those who make love without desire, 

Those who desire without love


I fear thousands of options seeking us out

For which we crave for more time and more sun

And I fear you, choosing questions for answers

Replacing hugs with the void of someone else’s words


I wish for a generation of men and women 

Confident and attentive

Since each doubt kills a sparkle 

In our vision of happiness

I believe we should stop searching 

And begin to find.

©2019 by Marika Preziuso. Uprooted Transplanted.