Clusters and intermissions-weekly musings on my family of concerns.

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The bigger self does not always win. But feels like a mother or a mentor hugging me up close From behind I would like to say that sacred is anything I would be willing to die for But I only know leaves that are turning red and yellow I repeat this Mantra be hospitable to your guests

It takes energy to reverse the trend of being angry desperate and a victim a subject of rather subject to

I have never needed one person but words I do not attach to people but to experiences and feelings And smells I am self-reflective because I find narcissism to be adjective I don’t like I left home gradually Their story is different My leaving a sudden rupture While everything from my name to my high school diploma and crushes Spoke of leaving And of hospitality Now my life is monolingual So I am left with hospitality The inner space interests me Not every person likes me and you learn to free yourself from that I hate this word - What do you do for fun? I don’t know perhaps I should start with dancing at the turn of a morning wake up song.