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Intercultural Understanding 


Difference is that raw and powerful connection 

out of which our power is forged. 

We must develop tools for using human difference 

as a springboard for creative change within our lives.

Audre Lorde, “The Master’s Tools will never Dismantle the Master’s House” (1980)


Craft is a set of expectations. 

Expectations are not universal; 

they are culturally specific 

and standardized.

Matthew Salesses, Craft in the Real World (2021)


Since 2018 I offer both individual consulting and group workshops on Intercultural Understanding for educators, professionals, and creatives.

 IU framework draws from my lived experience navigating cultural, ethnic, and generational differences, my social positioning as a non-US born, white-identified woman educator, and my scholarship at the intersection of postcolonial and diaspora studies, cross-cultural studies, and transnational literature.

IU framework also responds to years of observing the relationship between identity, craft, and culture. IU provides a set of tools and skills that help us leverage our culture and social identities as a cognitive and creative scaffold in our teaching, learning, and creative work. IU deepens and heals interpersonal, intercultural, and systemic relationships wherever differences such as power dynamics and structural inequities exist. 

​I went to one of Marika’s writing workshops a little over a year ago and immediately knew I wanted to continue working with her. After reaching out to her, we have been meeting monthly ever since. I really like and appreciate Marika’s style. She is genuine, warm, compassionate, and really knows what she is doing. I always look forward to my sessions with Marika and have recommended her to many of my friends and clients. As a licensed mental health counselor, even though I have my own therapist, I think that my sessions with Marika are very therapeutic, because they offer me a safe place to explore my thoughts and feelings. As an immigrant I feel completely understood by her and supported by her material and feedback. As a human being, I feel seen by her. Through our work together, she has given me the confidence to think of myself as a writer and to leverage my cross-cultural experience in my work with clients. I also learned from Marika how to trust and take care of my creativity so my creativity takes care of me. I value her flexibility and how she always checks in asking me what I need from our session. I am so glad I went to her workshop a year ago, and I know I have a lot to learn from her and everything she has to offer.

D.O. psychotherapist, 1/11/21 

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