Creative Fire in Difference: A Manifesto

Hello! My name is Marika. I am a College educator, poet, yoga and meditation instructor.

On weekends I lead workshops in partnership with local organizations in the Greater Boston area. My aspiration for this work is to craft spaces, at times outdoors at times indoors, for the interweaving of the practices of meditation, journaling, story-telling, and verse in translation. I love these practices and use them in my own life as gateways to practice holding space for all emotions and experiences with curiosity, compassion, and a sense of humor.

I particularly welcome the opportunity to work with creatives who straddle languages, cultures, and complex personal histories and support them in the (re)kindling of their creative light.

Two beliefs (tested on my own skin) guide my work as an educator, creative, and workshop designer and facilitator:

1. Everything around us can become raw material for our creativity, and it can feed it.
The more we trust our ability to sit, write, journal, walk quietly, the more these practices become our safe spaces, and we become responsible for honoring and protecting them.

2. The most authentic and transformative creative expression happens in the "inter" - the contact zone where our inner world grazes  - and at times crashes against - the external world with its codes, conventions, demands, and possibilities. Any creative habit helps us sustain the "fire" of these contact zones, channel this fire and use it productively.

Any encounter with values, experiences, narratives, cultures, writing styles and personal aspirations that are not our own bring up the best and worst of ourselves. This is exactly where we come up against that "fire". over and over. As we peel off our resistance to that fire that differences ignite in us, we begin to hone our most authentic creative voices and we put it in service of larger causes and the world itself.

As one of my former students said to me once " At times art is the tree where I take refuge from the storm. Other times art is the storm" - need say more?

I welcome you to Uprooted/Translated. It is still a work in progress, but you will find here many manifestations of these two values.

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